Collection 2020: Two souls One brand


We could not miss the 2020 edition of Euroshop, with a new collection rich of contrasts and surprises!

Bright/dark, full/empty, rational/emotional.
Just as in nature harmony resides in the balance between opposing polarities, this collection has its roots in the two souls of the Alcalain Group.

The comparison between different perspectives has resulted in a set of shop fittings that has its own foundation in opposites. This inspiration lies both in the materials used, from the traditional tube structures to building rod or expanded metal items, and in the choice of finishes, from the more rustic ones up to the elegance of gold.

A journey that has also led us to explore different contexts of use, with an attention to the balance between aesthetics and functionality, which is the true expression of Made In Italy.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success!” - Henry Ford -


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