Catalogue EDITION 14


We are very pleasure to present our brand-new general Catalog Edition 14 with a totally renewed graphic design!The online version is now available: click on the botton below to download and discover all the news! ..

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Alcalain was attending EuroShop 2023, which has taken place February 26 through March 2 at Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre. Euroshop is the biggest event in the international Retail world, where you can discover our latest exciting news and the brand-new general catalog 'Edition 14' &..

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Collection 2020: Two souls One brand


We could not miss the 2020 edition of Euroshop, with a new collection rich of contrasts and surprises!Bright/dark, full/empty, rational/emotional. Just as in nature harmony resides in the balance between opposing polarities, this collection has its roots in the two souls of the Alcalain Group.The co..

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Special collection X-mas 2021


Alcalain is glad to introduce the new collection for the winter season 2021. Discover all the accessories and decorations we have design to give a warm and original touch to shop windows, stores and homes too. See all the items here ..

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Halloween special: scary decorations


Wanna give a mysterious atmosphere to shop windows during Halloween Even?With the new accessories shop windows and facades will certainly not go unnoticed: pumpkin-shaped candle holders or that cast terrifying shadows on walls.See accessories here..

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Belt stanchion barriers


The anti-COVID collection is updated with a new line of barriers with retractable belt, complete with numerous accessories. Especially suitable for guaranteeing the social distancing requested by public authorities, the barriers can be used in several other circumstances, such as schools, restaurant..

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News for CUADRO collection: the SLIDING SYSTEM!


Change the way to furnish your store with our new CUADRO SLIDING System! Retail spaces can be reconfigured at any time: choose the best sliding solution for your project, wall or ceiling-mounted. There are available four size of sliding frame elements to choose from, which they can be equipped with ..

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New set of wine racks in rebar


A step beyond in the use of rebar for new shapes and applications in the retail sector.We designed a single-sided frame (MGT500), a double-sided one (MGT501) and a double-height one (MGT503). The frames have a grid structure to insert the bottles horizontally, as well as a shelf where to place bottl..

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The MAGÖT collection has been extended.


We have learnt to transform the rebar into new shop furniture: this is MAGÖT collection. In the wake of its success, the range has been extended and it is become one of our more complete line! The characteristic of this material gives the store a new unique and exclusive style! New entry are exc..

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New Finishing: GOLD and BRASS PLATED


During Euroshop 2020 we presented the new finishing GOLD lacquer and BRASS PLATED* that combines elegance and resistance. Contact us to request the color samples! *the BRASS is a special galvanic finish so it needs a minimum quantity and it is available only for max size 1500 mm. ..

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Special collection: Health protection equipment (anti-covid)


COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives in a very short span of time. Alcalain has responded to this challange by developing a special line of health protection equipments to prevent the spread of the virus and that are compliant with the rules set by many governments for the re-opening of ac..

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Come back from EuroShop2020, we have worked on comments and ideas collected during the fair: so we have implemented new technical solutions for some items and we have also added new accessories to our collection. You can find them in the Price List of Collection 2020, now available: download it from..

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Instructions for downloading and converting 3D drawings


If you are interested in using 3D files of our products, but they are not in the format you want, we provide you with a short guide to convert .3ds files to other common formats (eg dwg, dxf, raw, ...) .You can find the guide attached (only for registered users)..

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Alcalain is pleased to introduce you the new feature“SAVE QUOTATION” available on our website now on you can get instant quotations anytime, anywhere.Just login to your account, add the products to the cart and save your quotation. A useful service for preliminary quotat..

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New tables in building rod


These new tables complete the MAGUT series: now there are all the accessories in building rod for a complete shop-fitting.Find all the items here.The QB floor display stands and the Pugnetta counter top displays are perfect for this family too..

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The new solution MAGÖT in building rod


Magöt has been a won challenge, to work a difficult material like the building rod and to be able to transform it into shop furnitures with a unique style! The simplicity of lines and elements are the strong point of these modular shelves, at the same time with the assembly speed (interlocking). T..

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Pugnetta: a weird name for an original set of counter-top displays.


The name derives from the fist-like (pugni) rubber joints used to support the vertical rods.Discover the entire set of items..

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Ring a Ring-o'Roses!


It is the return of the "round" in all its essence, with the new ROUND line! Circular and round shapes, floor-to-ceiling poles or self-supporting structures to be set up at 360°! But not only, the protagonist of this line are also the sheet metal shelves: thin overhang sheets that become the decora..

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New folding stand: never seen before


DEMIMAG, the result of combining different materials: new folding clothes rails made out of round tube and rebar!..

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New QB display


A wider self stand display in building rod is now available: it can be easily stacked and coupled with the QB0010 model to obtain more varied compositions suitable for multiple uses.Discover all the features..

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The Svedese selection expands!


Presented for the first time during Euroshop fair 2018, following its success, the furniture line Svedese has been expanded with new complements, to offer a new complete system for shop fitting. The new products presented at the event "A Tutto Tondo" are: a series of tables combinable with each othe..

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New stenders


Presented as a preview at the "A tutto Tondo" event, this new line of stenders stands out for its oversized tube section.With a 35mm diameter they do not go unnoticed and ensure greater strength and stability. Available in fixed and adjustable versions, discover all the features here..

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A TUTTO TONDO - Highlights


Give a look at some of the most significant moments of the "A tutto Tondo" event.This edition was a success: with over 300 people from all over the world we spent two fantastic days with tasty dishes, music and dancing.Many new products: numerous items in building rods, folding clothes, an extension..

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Panorama: a new slim frame, the same convenience!


A new freestanding structure suitable for small places or shop windows and easy to equip with all the items of the line Panorama.Take a look here..

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Simple, functional, space saver WALL-MOUNTED ACCESSORIES: a range of display arms, shelf brackets w/ and w/o clothes rail, fitting room hooks perfect for stores with awkward and limited space. Make the most of every available space in your shop!See all items here

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Alcalain colour pack is now available


Discover the new lacquer and wood finishings.Watch the videoContact us to get it soon!..

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alcalain renews its logo


At the beginning of 2017 alcalain group introduced a brand new logo, inspired by the same simple and linear principles of the latest products. The logo has the mark MC, which represents the combination of skills and know-how of Metalarredo and Casiraghi..

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Alcalain Group is now on social media!


Come check us out on the main social networksfb : : @alcalaingroupso... stay tuned!! ✌🏼😉..

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New catalogue CAMPUS 2017


It's possible to download the catalogue CAMPUS 2017 which includes all the new products presented during the Euroshop fair, in Dusseldorf. The products in the blue section are the projects developed in collaboration with the students of the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano: we have realize..

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Highlights of Euroshop 2017


This year's event was concluded with success.A large crowd at the Campus Alcalain and a lot of curiosity to the presented novelties.The Alcalain staff would like to acknowledge all customers and visitors for their interest and appreciation of the new products.Stay tuned to find out which prototypes ..

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Cube-displays in rod tube for construction


The special shape of the structure allows to stack them. Available in chrome finishing or laquered in the colours of our range...

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New ideas and concepts for the store of the future


From the collaboration with the students of the School of Design of Politecnico in Milano new shapes, concepts and ideas for the shopfittings equipment: 9 prototypes exhibited in preview at the 2017 Euroshop Fair in Düsseldorf and judged by an international audience.Gruppo Alcalain really appreciat..

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From the collaboration with the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, modular wall-fix display or freestanding gondola, equipped with rails and/or shelves.Designed by: Patrizia Calcagno, Martina Carraro, Bennu Erdebil, Francesca Pucciarini..

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From the collaboration with the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, a fixed rail of essential geometry: round, big-size rectangular or small-size rectangular.Designed by: Yinyi Xia, Yuling Huang..

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From the collaboration with the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, a freestanding structure used as garment rail or shelving system.Designed by: Anna Gębala, Marek Torbus..

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From the collaboration with the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano, modular system in square tube which includes a wall system, freestanding structure, floor rotating mirror, display table and a fixed stand.Complete with shelves, hanging rail and accessories.Designed by: Mattia Antonetti, Fab..

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Great opening of Campus Alcalain at Euroshop 2017


The 2017 Euroshop Fair in Düsseldorf has started: even this year many brand new products developed by Gruppo Alcalain!If you can not be present at our Campus, download the catalog and don’t miss our latest proposals for the shopfitting equipments.In addition, look at the projects designed by the ..

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New items realised with Idroshop tube and joints


Garment rail, merchandiser, gondola and shelving system realized with Idroshop tube and joints Ø28mm.Equipped with shelves and hanging rails.Novelty in the novelty: for the first time are offered in compressed concrete bases.Find the new products hereSee all the joints here..

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We are pleased to invite you to CAMPUS alcalain ! From 5th to 9th March 2017 Hall 12 - Stand D69-E70  Düsseldorf - Germany..

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New folding clothes-stand


New folding clothes-stand..

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Alcalain SHOW!


It took place on 13 and 14 June the Alcalain SHOW! In the fantastic venue of Villa Taverna it took place the art exhibition with the theme "Culture, Arts and Entertainment in the world of work", which hosted artworks (sculptures, paintings, photographs ...) of several artists who have reinterpreted..

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